The 16 year old daughter with male friends home father run around Trinidad kuxun cad2012序列号和密钥

The 16 year old daughter with male friends home father rushing Trinidad looking for original title: Shandong three girls with friends home father run around Trinidad Xi’an looking for "go to school is not love you, but to let the family know where you are? Is it safe?" This is a father’s heart, his 16 year old daughter ran away from home because of weariness. The daughter said, do not want to go to school one night after the children did not go home quietly at the age of 16, nicknamed, is the Shandong province Heze city Yuncheng County Township Middle School students. The girl’s father Zhang Zhongjun told the China Daily reporter, in September of this year, he confiscated her daughter’s cell phone, mainly want to let the child to learn, after all, has three. "She is not good at learning, so the weariness had told me not want to go to school. More than once I asked her what she wanted to do, first read the book, so that the right to choose." Zhang Zhongjun said, these words seem to be all white said, because in the evening of November 9th, the daughter after the evening study has not returned home. Yesterday, Zhang Zhongjun recalled, because the child is introverted, usually not what friends, he basically locked the two people, one is sometimes play with children in the same village, baby girl, a child in a male friends online pay. "I asked the village girl, the other said no see, I was asking about the child’s friends. Although it is a net friend, but the boy is our local, because the previous name, follow the name inquiries to find the boy’s home, in a village 10 miles away from my home." Zhang Zhongjun said that the boy’s father gave the boy a phone call that night, the boy did not recognize the phone away quietly, he also called the boy, the boy does not recognize. With a phone call records father one to try to play second days, Zhang Zhongjun went to school to find. "The school helped me to adjust the monitoring, monitoring display, the same day at 7:50 or so, a quiet man appeared in front of the classroom, the two men said a few words, the man left." Through the identification, came to find her daughter is the quiet man. Zhang Zhongjun said her daughter is studying at night at 8:20, can not go home after the evening classes, he thought about her daughter is not to find the boy. After watching the monitor, he hastened to call the boy, the other has been shut down. To find the whereabouts of her daughter, Zhang Zhongjun went to the boy’s family, the parents are very complex, because the two mobile phone number boy is with his parents identity cards do, boy parents with their own ID card to the mobile business hall seized nearly a month of call records. Two thick wad call records, Zhang Zhongjun a number to try to fight, finally asked a local taxi driver, this is a promise of something. The taxi driver proved that he had pulled the girl and a man to Xi’an, "said the taxi driver, on the morning of November 10th, he pulled a man and a woman to Xi’an. According to the driver, the car girl short hair, wearing glasses, not tall, I’m sure that is my daughter." Zhang Zhongjun said that in the early morning of November 12th, he and his relatives and his party arrived in Xi’an three. Zhang Zhongjun lived in a small hotel and stayed up all night studying the相关的主题文章: