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"Drugged robbery" rumors again crazy doctor: "God" does not exist – Sohu press close to the end, all kinds of rumors struck again in ecstasy. The day before, a "beauty with many smoke drugged man, will the empty home looted items" message forwarded a lot of friends. In this regard, the Beijing morning news reporter learned from the police, at present, the city has not reported any such criminal police intelligence. The doctor also said that there is no "smell unconscious" ecstasy. The lawyer said, the network rumors will be accountable. Rumor: beauty mihun elderly robbery recently, the public Liu saw a "smoke mihun many elderly" message in the WeChat circle of friends. The source said, in the vicinity of a district in Chaoyang District, Shuangjing, more than the old man heard a young woman’s fans smoke, with a woman home after a coma in the ground, home belongings looted. "Smell a fragrance, soon fainted." The message said, as long as the elderly contact for a while will faint, and then the woman into the house to take away valuable things, and even take the child away. The person who sent a message to remind you must be forwarded to the group". Reporters visited the District, the property said, and there is no such cases. Mr. Liu said, although rumors of suspicion, but think of many people in the mass, holding "prefer to believe them not credible mentality to the parents call home, to remind parents not to open the door to strangers. There are a lot of friends and Liu, after seeing this message has been forwarded to relatives and friends. At the same time, there are also netizens questioned, "look really familiar," this is a rumor. They will not be holding their own charm? Is it taking the antidote in advance?" The police never reported such cases: in this case, the reporter to the public security organs to verify. Beijing police said 110 police station is not reported to any "drug induced coma" policing, this message is purely rumor. The police from the grasp of the situation, there is no information in the spread of the "smoke" or "shoulders" ecstasy caused by loss of consciousness and let other people at the mercy of the case. Reporters in the online search found that there have been similar rumors throughout the country. Household survey was fascinated halo, subway fans smoke grab children, etc.. In this regard, Harbin, Nanjing and other places of public security organs have also been rumor. The reporter interviewed found that the news spread initially because of property heard field "Ecstasy" case, residents feared the community to remind you, did not expect the public mistakenly thought it was the case in Beijing, will spread out. Doctor: that God does not exist for medicine online legend "contact soon fainted" drugged, Beijing First Aid Center Doctor Liu said: "it is not possible to have such a colorless and odorless fan smoke, if there are so magical medicine, the anesthesiologist will save." Liu said that the clinical presence of inhalation anesthesia methods, but the need for special equipment and the environment, first of all, the use of volatile gas anesthesia gas tank will be heated, and then let the patient big mouth inhaled. Not only does it take five or six minutes to work, but also in a closed environment, such as a face mask. In addition, the cost of this medicine is higher相关的主题文章: