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"Punish" the child’s 10 wisdom! Sohu mother have a child before the age of 3 with grandparents, two elderly people are spoiled children, home is in good condition, to meet the child what. Sometimes do not give the child a thing on hand. After the child is 3 years old, mainly with his mother, he still used to deal with the method of Grandpa and grandma. Mother hit again, he also insisted on the last to promise his condition, the mother is reasonable, but also to fight, but no use. The problem is that the mother’s attitude is not resolute, finished, finished, and finally meet the requirements of the child…… Therefore, punishment is a means of education. It is also a subtle art of tutoring. Only with the wisdom of punishing children, can we truly achieve the purpose of educating children. If you make a mistake, you should punish the child for making a mistake. For example: the child accidentally broke the cup, although he is not intentional, should also tell him that this is his fault. Although he did not expect the consequences of their actions, but still to apologize. If he is unintentional, and the courage to admit mistakes, parents will believe him, and to reduce the punishment for him. He will be punished if he conceals the fact and avoids the responsibility. This can cultivate children’s honest, responsible personality. In addition, let the children know that doing something wrong will be punished. Even if the child begged, can not promise, otherwise there is a precedent for cancellation, it is difficult to ensure the effectiveness of the implementation of the future. Punishment of sentencing should be appropriate to punish the child’s purpose is to the child’s benign transformation, punishment, sentencing must be consistent with the child’s behavior. Children are prone to heavy penalties against mood, light and not enough to make children learn a lesson. Therefore, to punish the child in order to achieve the purpose of the principle is not lightly, and not to abuse the penalty Big deal". Great educator Rock said: "children should be punished for the first time when the pain, such as non – complete to achieve the purpose, can not be suspended, but also gradually increased", which makes sense. Parents should be punished in accordance with the rules and the children should develop a reward and punishment rules, let the children know what will be punished after the mistake. In this way, children will pay attention to weekdays, thereby reducing the probability of making mistakes. When the child is wrong, parents should pay attention to adjust their emotions, not because of impulsive and arbitrary punishment of children. If the child later made the same mistake, should also be punished according to the rules and the same as before, so that parents can establish confidence in the hearts of children. Specify the "way" is not vague punish the child can not give up halfway, should require the child to make corrections to the reaction for specific stop. Parents should be clear, with the child to clear what he should do, to achieve what the requirements or standards, or what kind of consequences. If a child has a litter, do not love the habit of finishing, parents in the punishment should let its own pick up good stuff, tidy up toys; make it clear that we must do, otherwise will be punished. The parents do not even let the children talk ambiguously to yourself "". Parents do not give "way out"相关的主题文章: