The third session of the Silk Road Film Festival to watch the movie set off on a new journey 女f4

The third session of the Silk Road Film Festival movie to embark on a new Tencent entertainment news the evening of September 23rd, the third session of the Silk Road International Film Festival closing, the famous movie star Jackie Chan, Sophie, Marceau, Fan Bingbing, · Huang Xiaoming, Eddie Peng, Zhang Jiayi, Wu Yifan, William Chan gathered in the ancient city of Xi’an, on the red carpet ceremony. "The movie" master Carnival guests Jacques · Han, Wargnier, Regis · general counsel of the festival, the movie all media platform for president Miki, "the movie" editor a-lang, articles in "movies" Carnival – Blue master plan · a share class youth director walked the red carpet the closing ceremony of the dance, the stars shine bright, together to celebrate the third anniversary of the Silk Road International Film Festival perfect ending. "The movie" all media platform to help the film industry development of the third session of the Silk Road Film Festival third Colorful Silk Road International Film Festival, many links, colorful. Master of film screenings to fans on the big screen to relive the classic film promotion; "four seasons", "earth, the Mekong River action" let the fans watch the film in advance, more face to face perception with many stars; the opening ceremony of the red carpet, the closing ceremony of the red carpet more Sheng invited domestic and foreign outstanding filmmakers, grand feast of light…… The film festival presents a more diverse, more fresh and more exciting international weather. As the festival organizer, watching movies all media platforms to participate in organized and Tao, chairman of the Forum: the VR Forum: see future international and local VR Image Entertainment Development and exploration "and the movie" master plan – Blue Carnival · creation share class three important activities, harvest and many fans the movie people praise and love. Chairman of the forum, Busan, Hongkong, Tokyo invited Hawaii and other major film festival president to communicate on have a joyous gathering, film festival culture and the precious experience of their own, so that we feel the power of the vigorous development of the film festival, broaden the Silk Road International Film Festival, the growth of the internationalization of the road; the development of VR forum from the technical level of flow exploration of the movie and the future, to bring fans the world advanced VR technology shock. The movie "and" master plan – Blue Carnival · creating and sharing lessons, more invited Regis · wargnier, Rene ·, Jacques · Harlem Yu; Han and other world-class movie master share creation experience and their persistent pursuit of the art of film, warmly welcomed by the young directors and fans. "Go back to watch the movie" millions of fans and readers help Chinese cutting-edge film strength since the publication in 1999 as A new force suddenly rises. movie publication, "the movie" always adhere to the professional media and independent movie viewing attitude, by millions of fans and readers as the heart of the film "the bible". In recent years, with the "movie" magazine widely influence, "the movie media platform" to rise rapidly, now "see a movie" APP "has become one of the most active application of the film," watch the movie "with the professional attitude of the film and the abundant resources to actively participate in the Silk Road International Film Festival, invite world class power!相关的主题文章: