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3000 tug of war revealed five positive boost after the expected life Sina App: Live on-line blogger to guide the purchase of new shares: the simplest way to pick up the money stock market analysts pointed out that the heavyweight intraday frequently changes, stock index callback space is limited, the initiative back to attract capital to offer, and after a number of favorable advance xianyihouyang stock index increase the probability of "host: Zhao Ziqiang Wu Shan revealed two disk life" Securities Daily "reporter: yesterday, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two city both opening, intraday stock index regained 3000 points mark an integer, the late fell back. At the close, the Shanghai composite index reported 2998.48 points, or 0.36%, turnover of $122 billion 730 million. Excuse me: handicap yesterday reveal what signal? Guangzhou Bandung: Although, yesterday prev 3000 point long line slightly lose after having got it, sorry, but the index Chonggao down below two, to conceal the vitality, this let us have confidence in the holiday market. First, the money market effect is improved obviously, two, or more than 3% of the shares are 150 high, in recent days, a record at the same time, the stock fell more than 5% less than 10, which fully shows that the venue of funds activity and willingness to follow suit in the warmer, the market risk appetite also rebounded; second, October and the average 20 week moving average overlap 2980 point double support temporarily confirmed effective index before the downside is sealed, short of potential energy is further weakened the position or will become an important position after the offensive. Alltronics Investment: Festival market worth looking forward to, mainly based on the following reasons: 1 before the wait-and-see, capital exit, capital is expected to return after 2; third batches of PPP project will be announced, is expected to once again become a major driving force to lead the market upside; 3.9 month economic data will be released, from the recent period, are gradually picked up, is expected to boost the market; 4 three quarterly report into the intensive period of speculation, performance is expected to heat up 5; the Shenzhen Hong Kong through preheating. The top of the pressure gradually dissipated the "Securities Daily" reporter: yesterday, the Shanghai and Shenzhen two stock index opened higher volatility, the continuation of the recent trend of repair. Although the intraday stock index once stood 3000 points, but with the gradual increase in the afternoon selling index is always overwhelmed, fall below to mark integer. From a technical point of view, the stock index will be how to run? Shen Hong Hong: the recent market turnover shrinking more obvious, reflecting the general attitude of investors to wait and see, and the future direction of investment is unknown. Due to the National Day holiday approaching, overseas market volatility is more intense, the probability is not expected before the large fluctuations in the market, weak consolidation, waiting for news of further uncertainty may be a high probability event. Day letter investment: from a technical perspective, the KDJ index stock index again in position relative to the bottom of the MACD issued a buy signal, while the MACD index has stabilized signs in the relatively low. But including the 10 day moving average, 5 day moving average and the 3000 point mark integer may be somewhat suppressed, but there will be a strong support near the half line, and then combined with the recent continuous news release, the market trend is not on相关的主题文章: