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26 live video NBA Opener New spurs warriors four giants 2016-17 new season resumed poised sports news October 25th feudal lords vying for the throne of Tencent Beijing time on October 26th, 2016-17 NBA regular season officially opened the curtain. James and Anthony Ross, writing a strange, western two super team of warriors and Spurs clash, Durant ushered in the first show of the season. By then, Tencent sports will be three games live video. The opener against Nicks Nicks Knight (Knight vs Live begins at 7 Beijing time in October 26th before the visitors) Click to enter [] NBA between live video as the first game of the season, the League arranged a knight and Nicks this group of gimmicks is quite good showdown. The knight is the defending champion, the team James, Erwin and Kevin with three stars, nature is one of the most popular team in the opener, of course, they. The most suitable opponent of the Cavaliers opener than Nicks. New York team this summer recruit, Anthony Ross, Nuo A side and Courtney Lee and strong will, coupled with the increase in the channel of Pohl Zingis, the team instant playoff competition. More importantly, Anthony teamed up with Ross, will fight against the. Anthony and James are not only good brothers, but also the enemy of life, there is a competitive relationship with each other. While Ross played the bulls, many times in the playoffs James, eventually come to grief and go. Today, the two victims and James in the competition will be together, with James writing vendetta. The vs Warrior (October 26th, Beijing time 8 p.m. broadcast) Click to enter [] between live video free market this summer the biggest change is the thunder headed star Durant switched to the warriors, composed four giants with curry, Thompson and Green, the League recognized super team. But as Terry said, the warriors to prove themselves worthy of the "super team" title, first of all to continue to fight for honor. Regular season opener, we can not only see the warriors debut, and they are against the West’s strongest opponent spurs. The Spurs lost Duncan this summer, but signed up with Gasol and David Lee, leaving behind the rest of the year for the rest of the year, with the exception of the signing of the rockets and the signing of the team, and the signing of the signing of the signing of the. From the book strength, the Spurs are the most likely to pose a threat to the West team. As of last season were 73 wins and 67 wins, and two teams in the offseason reinforcement, they will be staged in a showdown of the strongest opening. It is believed that the warriors and Spurs will continue from the opener to the playoffs. Sir vs Portland (October 26th 10) (member) [Click to enter the video broadcast between jazz and pioneer] is not only the same district rivals, more importantly, they are also the new season the most promising young team two. Sir George, Dior, and Joe – Johnson, who have been given the chance to play in the top four in the west, have been awarded this summer. The Trail Blazers since Needless to say, they last season scored in the Western semi-finals, combination of Lillard and Mackler M make alliance shocked. Jazz and blazers represent the new coalition forces, who have the opportunity to look at them in the new season spoiler success. Copyright.相关的主题文章: