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The 2016 longest Dialogue Forum – Hubei Channel – people.com.cn dialogue platform to create   build a communication bridge for the river civilization contribution force Wuhan mayor of Hubei Wuhan   million;   Yong river is the lifeblood of the earth, is the cradle of the human civilization. Back in the history of mankind, the Nile River gave birth to the civilization of Egypt, at the end of the Griess River, the Euphrates River gave birth to Mesopotamia; India River, Ganges RIver is the birthplace of civilization in India; the Yangtze River, the Yellow River is the birthplace of Chinese civilization; the the Rhine, The Danube, Volga River, the Amazon River, the Mississippi River civilization, gave birth to each other. The human civilization is born of the great river, nourished by the great river, flowing with the great river, and with the river. The Yangtze River is the first China, the world’s third longest river, is the mother river of the Chinese nation, has nurtured the bright and colorful Yangtze civilization. The Chinese government is implementing the Yangtze River Economic Belt strategy, so that the ancient Yangtze River civilization coruscate new vitality and vitality. Wuhan is the central city of the Yangtze River Basin, is one of the cradles of the Yangtze River civilization. Wuhan City — the root of Shang panlongcheng site, now has 3500 years of history, known as the "Yangtze River source of bronze civilization". 2000 years ago, the great patriotic poet Qu Yuan, from here along the Yangtze River Road eastbound, left the marshes in the footsteps of history. At the beginning of seventeenth Century, Hankou Oriental Tea Hong Kong as a starting point, miles tea across Eurasia, become connected to the Yangtze River and Volga River century artery. The beauty of Jianghanzhaozong Tiancheng, nine provinces of the geographical location, "ten masts according to city, Ming commercial spectacular night lamps and candles of a myriad families", "Yangtze River Bridge" glory of the city, the middle reaches of the Yangtze River shipping center of the country with a distinctive positioning, the Yangtze River marks the symbol of the city, and fully demonstrates the profound culture of Wuhan Yangtze river. In order to better embrace the Yangtze River, the heritage of civilization, the people’s Government of Wuhan City, the Yangtze River Water Conservancy Committee, Wuhan University jointly built the first civilization China River Basin — the Yangtze River Civilization Museum Museum, and initiated the establishment of "river dialogue" forum, aims to create the great rivers of the world civilization dialogue platform, build a bridge between the East and west. The river flows through the ages, dialogue frame thoroughfare. The forum of the evolution of River civilization and sustainable development "as the theme, distinguished guests and experts express a grand feast of ideas, high perspicacity, to promote the exchange of River civilization and mutual learning, promote common development and prosperity in the River Valley City, will play a positive role. We will take the forum as an opportunity to raise global wisdom, join the brothers city in Yangtze River Basin, is grasping the protection, not to engage in the development and construction of "ecological culture of the Yangtze River, the Yangtze River, the Yangtze River economic", for the inheritance of Yangtze River civilization, promote River culture, with the power of Wuhan. A good example of   to meet new challenges as the future River civilization in the new role of UNESCO World Heritage Center project leader   Michael Turner? From the myths and legends of the mountain down the river, and even hundreds of thousands of kilometers, meandering between mountains and valleys, continuous energy savings, gathering power finally to the plain and the sea. In this way)相关的主题文章: