10.24 next Monday, gold and silver market analysis and operation suggestions straddle the release of coscoqd

10.24 next Monday, gold and silver market analysis and operation suggestions of crude oil We want you long and short release! The first 2016 China Potter Rockefeller award officially started! Funds, insurance, brokerage and other financial institutions, information management capabilities which is better? Please click [vote], select the strongest institutions in your heart! Next Monday, gold and silver trend and market outlook layout # Gold Technical Analysis # this Friday, while the dollar strong performance, suppress the rising price of gold, but gold prices still rose, the main reason is because from Asia, including India, China and the demand for physical gold ETF gold power up, especially the needs of India in last year’s downturn after improved, giving the gold some support, promote the gold refresh this week a new round of high prices. The above trend, the 1268.86 is a high point on a trading day of the formation of resistance, support the formation of gold below the 5 day moving average and 10 day moving average of 1259.9 area, the average index index figures go flat, the action can be slowed, the teacher is expected next Monday if the price of gold will be a wave of stepped back without accident. # silver technical analysis # from Monday to Wednesday on the daily chart to see prices up slightly, usher in a large rally on Thursday, Friday all day to market a slight concussion, no big fluctuation. Continue to organize price near bonding in average, Friday closing line in the recorded small Yang Cross stars, and the MACD index fell slow signs of heavy volume, in this case appeared, low order has quietly begun to rebound. From this week, the price of silver line situation, the price of silver low recorded a small positive K, it is overcast in three consecutive weeks, out of this form, if the price of silver has been stabilized, the possibility of the upward rebound, the author suggests the bargain. Comprehensive above, next Monday, focusing on the bottom of the $17.28 support, the top 17.85 dollar breakthrough. The following figure can be seen on the operation of the teacher is still recommended to do more low. 1460748789 there is a need to communicate with the author WeChat. [oil straddle single quilt? How to get out of trouble? This week crude oil] rose slowly breaking the high point of the year, but good times don’t last long EIA data by the rise, rapid decline Thursday Thursday Friday directly engulfed rise and closed below $51. Mo Yu from the triangle finishing point of view can not be determined to break the crude oil, so it is necessary to look at the periodic oscillation. But in 4 hours, support is $49.6, so we still did not break $49.6 to big bullish cycle. More than one out of ideas: more than a single customer if there is a position allowing key recommendations can go to the 49.6 position of the support, the short period of crude oil daily has not break through $50.1. So short cycle can rely on this position to do more single. More than a single stop in this position to look at the bottom of the next week’s rebound, the loss of timely consultation I layout. Empty single release ideas: empty single with a protective stop in the hands of the friends of chess Wen suggested that the daily chart next Monday, but the trend is still bearish support not to be considered. 49.8 near the location of the empty list out of the best position to pay attention to 49.6相关的主题文章: